Assist people obtain a criminal record expungement when it can eliminate a barrier to their stability.  Expungement is the legal process whereby an arrest, charge, or conviction is completely removed from a person’s criminal history record. This can remove impediments to job or educational opportunities and even some government assistance programs.

Training and assistance are provided.

Scope of work (8 hours on average)

  • Attend training hosted by LABG staff (2 hours – training may be conducted in-person or remotely)
  • Following an eligibility determination, contact and meet with client
  • Complete petition and additional paperwork
  • Attend hearing on expungement petition (if necessary)
  • Maintain client communication
  • Assist LABG staff in obtaining all necessary administrative documents
  • Provide LABG staff with periodic case status updates, including when final orders have been entered and time spent on the case