Help families and individuals at the brink of homelessness exert appropriate defenses to stay in their homes or move on their own terms. Volunteers are asked to cover an eviction docket on a scheduled day.

Training and assistance are provided.

Scope of work (2-4 hours on average):

  • Receive training materials and attend training hosted by LABG staff (2 hours – training may be conducted in-person or remotely)
  • Coordinate your scheduled cases/docket day
  • Receive client information, eviction notices, and other documents
  • Investigate facts and determine best legal options
  • Attend court at the scheduled date and time
  • Conduct any necessary follow-up
  • Maintain client communication
  • Assist LABG staff in obtaining all necessary administrative documents
  • Provide LABG staff with case status updates, including when final orders have been entered and time spent on the case